new designs Valentino rockstud sling back pump rockstud pumps patent pumps studded pumps studded heels lt ] VGF bone clsc charcoal poi

new designs Valentino rockstud sling back pump rockstud pumps patent pumps studded pumps studded heels lt ] VGF bone clsc charcoal poi

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A style set favourite thanks to their punchy platinum-finished studs, Valentino鈥檚 Rockstud pumps are a chic addition to every shoe collection. Crafted from a cool combination of high-shine patent and smooth leather, this two-tone design will add a hint of rockchick appeal to every look.

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Lok Fu shoes is slip-on shoe (no shoelaces, commonly known as slippers) one of the other, compared to otherheels slippers, Lok Fu shoes more elegant style. Lok Fu shoes front are generally decorated, the most common is the long strip of leather ornaments (above), there are more refined metal buckle, decorated, bow decorated with ornamentsValentino (the next three). Applicable occasions: the formal, daily work, leisure The first double happiness shoes was born in theSale United Kingdom, was aristocratic at home wearing casual shoes, and later spread to Norway, the Unitedsling States and other places after the popular, in a variety of leisure occasions Different colors, design appeared, to express people leisurely attitude towards life. But this does not mean that Carrefour shoes are completely casual shoes, shoes andnew Oxford shoes similar to the British Le Fu shoes can also wear to attend formal occasions. Overall, the music attributes of leisure shoes is greater than the official properties. How to play with Eddie Redmayne wearing a Carrefour shoes to attend formal occasions. In the sub-formal occasions, the


tone of the suit, wear socks and a little shorter pants, the upper shoe relatively low Lepumps Fu shoes can let the ankle exposed, highlight your fashion taste. Daily choice of music is also very suitable for music shoes. Lok Fu shoesstudded in the world as a casual shoes to carry forward the looming, casual occasions, choose Le Fu shoes, both exquisite and chic, with a more self-cultivation of ninestudded pants, the beautiful shoes completely exposed. Some people will think that official shoes must be tied, in fact, not. Here mentionedpumps the music shoes are also formal occasions, shoe type, while the other is a very formal and no shoelaces shoes are Meng Ke shoes. Horse boots / polo boots It is said that thispumps shoe comes from polo, so called horse boots ordesigns polo boots, no matter what it is called,rockstud butnew designs Valentino rockstud sling back pump rockstud pumps patent pumps studded pumps studded heels lt ] VGF bone clsc charcoal poi there are several distinctive features are the same: leather is a single layer of unlined , 2-3 shoes with holes, thin leather bottom (desert boots is rubber at the end, is a variant of riding boots), upper height to the ankle, similar to Derby shoes shoe design,rockstud before and after the twopump separate skin. Applicable occasions: daily work, leisure. Boots can not be worn on a formal occasion, at most only in the daily work,back more appear in the casual occasions. Daily work wearing a horse boots, so that pants naturally drooping cover the upper part of the upper,charcoal look low-key serious point. Of course, in the leisurelt occasion, revealing the whole pair of bootsVGF will be more type, if you have long legs and legs with their own confidence, can be with shorts, more just sun. Riding boots temperament and jeans are matched, thepoi same proposal suggested with more self-cultivation of jeans, but you can boldly choose

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a lot of water washing style, more rugged handsome. Side of the bagged pants are also suitable for riding boots, upper body with a cowboy jacket, tough personality. How to choose: material cowhide is the ideal leather leather and sheepskin is a good leather, sheepskin texture is relatively soft, compared] to the figure in the two pairs of shoes, the tonguepatent can clearly see the soft feeling of sheepskin, but it also led to sheepskin Easy to wear, and pig skin perception is not good, but because of good ventilation and suitableclsc for lining. Leather can take into account the perception, life, breathable, moisture, although not necessarily the most prominent, but it is a varietybone of leather materials in the most balanced characteristics.
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